Let the supernatural force overtake you

Mana Island Resort & Spa – Fiji

The mystical gem of the Mamanucas

Long ago, the great diamond-headed sea snake ‘Manamanaedina’, the legendary God of Mana, was tasked to guard over a box of blessings dropped by the demigod Degei. Manamanaedina vowed that the box would remain on Mana, and that all who visited would be warmly welcomed. To this day, Mana Island Resort & Spa’s friendly and attentive staff remain committed to upholding that promise, everyday..

About Mana Island Resort & Spa, Fiji

The 4-star Mana Island Resort & Spa is an idyllic sanctuary in the epicentre of Fiji’s breathtaking Mamanuca chain of islands, surrounded by turquoise seas, coral reefs and white sandy beaches. The resort has an array of accommodation options ranging from traditionally styled Island Bures with outdoor showers to Oceanfront Suites overlooking South Beach, through to the latest addition, Premium Beach Bures with plunge pools.

With an intertwined mix of Fijian culture, activities, facilities and restaurants, Mana Island Resort & Spa caters to all markets including families, couples, wedding parties, sporting groups and events.

Mana Island Resort & Spa is home to five restaurants and four bars, two swimming pools, a water sports hub, a dive centre, boutique shop, tennis courts and a kids club.

When relaxation is the order of the day, the resort dishes up four palm-fringed beaches from which to unwind. Swim, snorkel, paddleboard, dive or curl up on a beach chair and laze away the day.

The Mana Spa provides a haven for pampering and wellness, while the onsite conference centre caters for incentives and groups.

The resort is also a favourite for destination weddings from abroad and has its own chapel where couples can tie the knot before family and friends, while the picturesque Sunset Beach is a popular choice for couples seeking an outdoor ceremony with the neighbouring islands of the Mamanucas as a backdrop.

Environmental Responsibility

Our ultimate goal is to minimize impact on our precious environment and sustain it for good for our guests, native Fijian people and our future.

Mana has committed to preserve our surrounding natural resources and environment for many years. Various practices to control pollution and to protect sea creatures have been implemented such as;-

Environment programs for guests:

Turtle Pond – we rescue turtles and nurture them until they are strong enough to return to the water world down under.

Coral planting, coconuts tree planting and other environment awareness sessions – we encourage our guests to be a part of it.

Waste Management:

Mana have tied its best to encourage separation of rubbish for recycling purposes. We also have a vegetable garden where we use composted soil to grow our own vegetables. 


Mana produces its own pure water from our desalination plant. You might find some rain water tanks around the resort too. We also recycle sewage water for toilet and gardening purpose since water is the most precious commodity on any island.

Your understanding conservation is also very much appreciated.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The resort works with WOWS Kids (Fiji), a registered Charitable Trust that supports children with cancer. Kids are also invited to resort and are given chance to spend time with our returnee’s. 

Kaji rugby is organized on the island and kids from all nearby islands are invited to partake in this event. Their potential skillset and talent can be recognized at an early age hence a proper support might be provided for their future opportunity.