Mana Island Resort Fiji

Lattitude Wine Cellar

Latitude Wine Cellar

We believe that any great hotel is home to a fantastic wine cellar. As we built Mana Island Resort & Spa as your island home, we made sure to create a wine room that rivaled the world’s finest wine collections – the largest of its kind in Fiji!

Latitude, the angular distance of a place north or south of the earth’s equator, is the eponym for our wine cellar. Here we are showcasing some of the world’s finest wines from the New and Old World. From the neighboring wine countries Australia and New Zealand, to wines from South Africa as well as all the way from Italy, Spain and France.

With Fiji’s largest wine selection, we cover every occasion you might want to celebrate. Enjoy a sensory canapé menu or take part in occasional wine tastings guided by our Food & Beverage Manager.