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Project E

Project E

Tourism development in Fiji has been soaring for many years and the Mamanuca Islands receive a significant volume of international tourists each year. However, human impact through tourism is high. This in-turn creates pressure on the reef systems across the archipelago’s reef system, ranging from sedimentation, improper waste-water treatment, overfishing, unsupervised water-sport activities and reef damage by snorkelers and divers. Enter the Mamanuca Environment Society.

Mamanuca Environment Society

The Mamanuca Environment Society is tasked with promoting awareness of the need to protect the marine and terrestrial resources of the Mamanuca region, in partnership with local communities, tourism operators, government and non- government organizations.
As a founding member of the Mamanuca Environment Society, Mana Island Resort & Spa is committed to giving back to the community. With its efforts to educate staff, management and guests, the resort formed a committee to champion the drive behind all the projects in operation on the island. Projects include:

Coral Regeneration Project

Since 2015, Mana Island Resort & Spa has been actively planting coral on Coral Tables then six-months later planting them into the reefs of the island’s surrounding waters. This year we set out to plant coral every month. Through trial and effort we have since identified a solution to one the obstacles we faced. We have now successfully planted coral every month into each of Mana’s reefs.

Turtle Breeding Program

In an effort to replenish the population and sidestep the possibility of turtle extinction in the waters around Fiji, Mana Island Resort & Spa has developed a highly successful Turtle Breeding Program. To date, many turtles have been raised or adopted (many since hatchlings) and released back into the wild. The program is ongoing, so make sure you swing by the facility near South Beach Restaurant to see some Fijian turtles.

Removal of COTS

The Crown of Thorns (COT) starfish is a hazard to the reefs of Mana Island. Their numbers have soared due to the volume of high nitrates pumped into the warm tropical waters of Fiji from the mainland. At Mana Island Resort & Spa, we are committed to extracting COTS from the reefs bi-monthly, or when necessary.

Marine Sanctuary – ‘Tabu’ or No Take

Underpinning the values of Manamanaedina, Mana’s bygone legendary God, to protect all that was brought to the confines of the reef and which could never be taken away, Mana Island Resort & Spa to this day upholds a ‘no take’ atoll practice. The strategy prevents the fishing or removal of seafood from the water around Mana and has resulted in an increase in fish species and rare sea creatures.

Organic and Hydroponic Farm

Developing a garden-to-plate practice for the production and supply of fruits and vegetables to cater for the large number of guests visiting Mana Island Resort & Spa has been achieved through the Project Team. So far, the group have introduced an organic garden and a hydroponic patch.

Mana Island Resort & Spa’s commitment to the environment is built into our DNA for generations to come. We welcome challenges that will help us keep Mother Nature safe and friendly for all.