Mana Island Resort Fiji

Land Activities

Meimei Centre

Stay Five nights or more in Mana and get five hours of free baby sitting for little ones under 3 years at our Meimei Centre or little Crèche Centre. Must be taken 5 hours consecutively each day. Must be booked at least 4 hours prior.

Babysitting: Baby sitting is also available at Mana at F$5 per child per hour, and must be booked at least 4 hours prior to needing the service.

Grass Skirt Making

Experience the fine art of crafting grass skirts from stalks of plants as was practised by our ancient ancestors. You can get a skirt to take home simply by attending this weekly event. All are welcome.

Ta Tavu

The ‘Tavu’ is an ancient outdoor Fiji-style grill over charcoal! Using seawater, along with lemons, chillies, onions, capsicum and tomatoes, the result is a delicate blend of flavors that makes a delicious meal. Also experience how to make a favorite Fijian coconut dessert! Of course, participants get to partake of the food.


The intricate weaving of hats and baskets using palm and pandanus leaves are part of cultural activities held weekly at the Fijian Bure. These leaves are boiled until brown before weaving. Also witness the making of ‘sasa’ brooms from palm leaves before making one that you can take home.

Bush Walks

The bush walk is a fun yet educational trek where you explore both Mana’s flora and fauna. Identify birds such as the fruit bat, honeysucker, king fisher, seagull and herons. And learn about curative plants used by early Fijians.

Night Activities

Mana’s Main Lounge offers enthralling nightly entertainment for everyone. Witness spirited Fijian mekes, fluid Polynesian dances and our harmonious island choir! Or join our lighthearted activities such as Crab Racing to round off a great evening.